Upcoming Apple Watch Ultra 2 Rumored to Feature Dark Titanium Variant Last year's Apple Watch Ultra, an upscale smartwatch encased in titanium and sporting advanced features, was a sensation in the smartwatch market. Initially, this luxury wearable was offered solely in a titanium hue, but rumors now suggest that Apple is planning a new color for the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

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Mark Gurman, an analyst known for his “Power On” newsletter on Bloomberg, has indicated the potential introduction of a dark titanium color variant for the second-gen Apple Watch Ultra in his latest edition.

Apple’s design team considered a dark titanium option before the debut of the original Watch Ultra, but it was ultimately discarded as the designers were not content with the final look. Gurman’s revelations, however, suggest that Apple might be reconsidering this idea for its subsequent model, potentially offering users a sleek and sophisticated dark titanium variant.

The proposed introduction of a dark titanium color option could broaden the appeal of the Apple Watch Ultra 2. Dark colorways have traditionally found favor with consumers, and by offering more color options, Apple aligns with its goal of enhancing user personalization and improving the overall user experience.

Another intriguing whisper regarding the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the inclusion of 3D-printed components. Although information is scant, these 3D-printed parts are likely to pertain to internal mechanical pieces, resulting in enhanced performance and efficiency. This may not drastically alter the aesthetic appeal, but it could augment the watch’s functionality, making it more appealing to tech aficionados.

Apple’s commitment to offering diverse strap options will persist with the Apple Watch Ultra 2. Customers can expect a wide variety of straps suitable for various styles and occasions. From sporty designs and classic leather bands to modern metal straps, there will be something for every taste.

The Apple Watch Ultra series targets outdoor enthusiasts, and the second iteration is anticipated to further underscore this focus. New features catering to adventure lovers can be expected, including advanced GPS capabilities, rugged design elements, and potentially new health and fitness functionalities.

As of now, Apple hasn’t officially announced a launch date for the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

Nonetheless, based on industry speculations, the release is expected to occur before the end of the year, potentially alongside the eagerly awaited iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro.

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