When will Apple release sleep tracking on the Apple Watch?

App Store screenshots have revealed an as-yet-unannounced Sleep app for Apple Watch.

As first spotted by a user on MacRumors, Apple has teased a new Sleep feature for the Apple Watch via screenshots for the Alarms app on the watchOS App Store, suggesting Sleep was set to arrive on watchOS 6 but wasn’t ready in time for public release.

We already knew that Apple had been planning to launch a sleep-tracking feature alongside watchOS 6 and Apple Watch Series 5, which is why the launch of the latest smartwatch was met with such lukewarm reception when it was announced after the September keynote.

The user interface shown in the screenshot features a toggle for a Wake-Up bedtime alarm, where users can “Set their bedroom and wake up in the Sleep app.”

Whether that means Apple is planning to introduce a light wake up call in the form of vibrations on your wrist remains to be seen, as the screenshot doesn’t exactly give much away, but it shows that the feature was set to be included in the original launch of watchOS 6 and had to be scrapped.

At present, Bedtime alarms are set on the iPhone or iPad and aren’t included on the Apple Watch, though the Sleep app would likely change that as part of its sleep tracking system.

Several reputable sources confirmed that Sleep Mode would be coming to watchOS, though the feature was removed ahead of the public release of iOS 13 and watchOS reportedly due to time constraints.

It’s now expected Apple will hold off from releasing sleep tracking until watchOS 7 and its 2020 Apple Watches to encourage users to upgrade to the latest model.

There are several third-party sleep tracker apps on the market but an integrated piece of software would naturally offer battery improvements and a workaround for the current battery life issue.

Some have suggested Apple will prompt users to charge their watches on an evening so they can wear them in bed, and again in the morning before heading to work.

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