Zazzle Provides Many Different iPhone 5 Covers

Those of us who made it a priority to get an iPhone 5 as soon as they came out are now in need of cases. The longer and longer the iPhone 5 is out, the cases will be more readily available. I spent hours, and I do means that in the plural sense, searching online for a case. There just weren’t that many available yet. And let’s face it; our phone cases are our newest fashion accessory. It has to have the right look.

Eventually I found the online store It has many items such as t-shirts, cards, mugs, pet bowls, and yes, even electronics cases. The items come in thousands of different designs, all custom-made for you. You can even create your own design. Out of those thousands of designs, I found the perfect one for me.

You can see that by searching for iPhone 5 cases, even though they’re still new, there are over four-thousand pages, with sixty choices on each page. They’re basically all the same case, but just have design differences. However, there are also two different styles for most.

Selecting an item from the four-thousand pages, you can see the two designs that most of these iPhone 5 cases come in, Barely There and Vibe. I’d like to say all, but I didn’t click on every single phone case, so I’m not sure if they all come in both styles, but it certainly appears so. One is a case that is just the impact-resistant plastic shell, and the other includes a rubber bumper around the whole phone for added safety. The price difference varies, but is usually around five dollars. The price of the phones varies as well, but most seem to be around forty or fifty dollars. There is also a page where you can custom-make your own case, such as adding a photo with a caption.

The Zazzle site says the cases ship out in three to five days. This gives them time to produce the item. I ordered mine on a Friday, and it arrived the next Thursday. I decided on the Vibe style because I like the idea of having a little bit of rubber around the phone. It makes me think it’s going to bounce if it falls. You can see that even with the rubber bumper, it’s still a relatively thin case. It’s a tight fit to the point I wondered if I’d be able to get it to snap in there, but I did manage it.

The case has cutouts for all the important parts. This is the bottom where the actual plastic only covers the initial sides, and the rest of the bottom is covered by the rubber bumper. There are cutouts for the connecting port and the headphone port and holes for the speakers. There are also cutouts for the sound buttons on the side and the on/of button on the top.

The back is where you can see the majority of the design. It has a cutout here for the camera, and unlike some other cases, does not include a cutout for the Apple logo, which is completely unnecessary anyway.

I’m going to be returning to Zazzle, and not to buy one of their other items, but to probably by another iPhone 5 case at some point. Since it’s a fashion accessory, it can get kind of boring after awhile, so it’ll be fun to change it up. I’ll have plenty to choose from.

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