All 2018 iPhones likely to leave Touch ID in the past

The rumor that Apple will readopt fingerprint technology has been circulating for some time but the most recent report from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that its now likely that all 2018 iPhones will move to Face ID, making Touch ID a thing of the past.

Last month, it was stated that the abandonment of Touch ID would be largely down to consumer reaction to the iPhone X but now its explained why Apple are more likely to go all in with 3D sensing. According to Kuo, 3D sensing will be a “key selling point” of all future models and although Apple currently faces manufacturing difficulties with this feature, TrueDepth cameras and Face ID will help Apple “capitalize on its clear lead in 3D sensing design and production for smartphones.”

The lack of Touch ID will allow Apple to focus on sensing technology and an all-screen design, placing them firmly ahead of their competitors. Kuo believes that even Android will soon make the move to 3D sensing tech.

It has also been predicted that even the iPad Pro will adopt Face ID next year, and explained that the reason that the iPhone 8 is selling so well is largely down to production struggles with the iPhone X that means the “super cycle” is being pushed further into 2018. 

Of course, at such an early it still remains unclear what we’ll see from Apple in the coming year but some rumors have hinted at a larger 6.4-inch iPhone joining the lineup.

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