Apple execs share new details on Apple Watch Series 7

Apple executives Alan Dye and Stan Ng have shared their thought process on the new Apple Watch Series 7 in an interview with CNET, explaining why the improved screens are a big deal.

“We had the opportunity to allow users to increase the point size even larger than we’ve allowed for in the past. That was very much motivated by the new display,” said Dye.

“It’ll be far more useful and accessible to a lot of users who just need the larger point size,” Dye went on, adding that “precision isn’t totally critical with your taps because we have intelligence built-in”.

Stan Ng discussed the impact of the curved display on the new Apple Watch, telling CNET journalists: “This refractive edge creates this very subtle wraparound effect. And it makes the screen appear to bend downward, right toward the watch housing.

“Really, it’s an optical effect, it’s due to the way the light from the OLED refracts at the edges of the front crystal. We redesigned that crystal to be more of a dome shape, which also contributed to the thicker crystal and the greater durability. So it was kind of a twofer for both.”

Going on to talk about Apple Watch use cases, Dye said: “I think a lot of those core foundational values around how we manage to watch the news remain the same.

“Despite the fact that we are able to allow for more content on the display, we still see it as a glanceable, smaller, shorter-interaction type of a product versus something like a phone or certainly an iPad.”

Ng added: “It isn’t about the 30 minutes you’re spending looking at your phone and social media, or the hour on your Mac working on a document. The power of Apple Watch is in those hundreds of glances a day that might give you information that you need right at that moment.”

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