Apple and LG teaming up to create a foldable phone

We may still be eagerly awaiting the release of Apple’s first OLED iPhone but recent rumors have hinted at a future device with a foldable display. According to The Investor, Apple is working with LG to create a phone with a foldable OLED panel, suggesting that the company’s rival with Samsung and concern over leaking may be a deciding factor.

The task of designing a rigid flexible printed circuit board has been given to LG Innotek and the report also suggests that Apple is considering investing in an LG plant to produce the displays. At present, Samsung is Apple’s sole supplier of the OLED displays that are to be used in the upcoming iPhone X although the company is working with LG now too in an effort to increase production and reduce cost.

The report claims that Samsung may introduce these flexible OLED panels into its smartphones as early as next year but Apple does not expect to bring the technology into production until at least 2020 meaning a potential 2021 launch.

Similar rumors emerged about a year ago as well as suggestions that Apple may be considering Japan Display for future devices, although such development is still in its very early stages. Regardless, this most recent rumor is yet another example of the rocky reliance that Apple has with Samsung.

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