Apple rolling out Apple Card to a limited number of users

Apple has begun rolling out Apple Card to users in the United States.

The company announced its own branded credit card, a collaboration with banking giant Goldman Sachs, earlier in the year, and had promised a summer release.

Today, customers who had registered interest in the product have received an email, inviting them to sign up for an Apple Card by applying inside of the Wallet app.

Signing up also allows select users to register for their physical Apple Card, which is made from titanium.

It’s unknown how many people have been invited to sign up for a card, but users have been sharing their sign-up process on Twitter and other social networking sites, expressing their excitement.

To sign up, Apple is asking users for an address, birthday, level of income, and Social Security number, which is sent to Goldman Sachs who approve or decline the application.

As soon as a user has been approved, they’re able to access their card from the Wallet app.

Although the card is limited to users in the United States, it’s expected that Apple will roll out the product to other countries in the coming years. Indeed, Apple has registered a trademark Apple Card in several countries, including Canada, Hong Kong, and Europe.

Apple Card is a particularly attractive offering, not only because of its design and user experience on iOS, but because the credit card has no fees – no annual fees, international fees, or late repayment fees, or penalty fees, although Apple has not clarified whether this is permanent, or how it will handle customers who fail to repay their debts over time.

What do you think of the Apple Card? Will you be signing up or do you think it’s a fad from Apple, a company that is venturing into too many avenues as it struggles to hold onto its market share and dominance? Let us know on Twitter using @AppleMagazine and check back soon for more.

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