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Apple vs. Samsung War Continues … With the Fans

The Apple vs. Samsung war was originally settled in court, but Samsung, obviously stinging from the court's request that it pay Apple such a huge sum, is fighting back. They're obviously out to show why their phones are so superior, whether or not they originally stole the technology from Apple. And the Apple devoted are fighting back for their favorite company. They see Samsung for exactly what it is … a bully.

Samsung has published an ad comparing the iPhone 5 to the Galaxy S III. With an obvious jab to Apple's “Genius Bar,” the ad explains that “It doesn't take a genius.” It then goes on to do a quick comparison of features with a long list of for the Samsung phone and a very short one for the newest Apple phone. They have to do something to restore their name.

The Apple devoted aren't taking this one lightly and are marking up the Samsung ad (while probably using either an iPhone or iPad) to strike back at Samsung. One marked-up ad proclaims, “In High School, it doesn't take a genius … to know who is just a bully.” Another ad equals out the features list, using remarks of exactly what it thinks of the Samsung features, such as instead of the using the “Direct Call” feature of of the Galaxy S III, you can just “press call” on the iPhone 5.

The war definitely isn't over yet. It seems Samsung isn't going to take its punishment lying down, and Apple's mobile device fans aren't going to let any company take away any of the excitement of the newest, exciting device in the Apple lineup.


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