BitTorrent’s New Live Video App Has Made Its Way To iOS

BitTorrent Live is now officially available to download and use through iOS, allowing mobile access to the 16 available channels on the app.

The program has been available for a while now on other Apple platforms such as macOS and Apple TV, but now the app is finally available on mobile platforms. The original launch for the iOS version was due to take place in June, but delays and additional development meant that the release had to be pushed back.

The technology differs from other video streaming apps in that it uses its viewers as broadcasters. This means that everyone watching through BitTorrent is contributing towards the streaming of media to others, and the higher numbers there are watching the more efficient the streaming is.

BitTorrent believes that this technology actually creates a much lower latency experience, as well as much more scalable streaming in comparison to the traditional methods used by the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime.

As it stands the biggest complaint users have with BitTorrent Live is the lack of interesting content, but with more content being added and broader reach through the newest iOS version could see BitTorrent Live flourish in the coming months.

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