Doubt Cast That Intel is Supplying Modems for “iPhone 5e”

Doubt Cast That Intel is Supplying Modems for “iPhone 5e”

Following news that the upcoming 4-inch iPhone could share the processor and RAM of the iPhone 6 series, a tech specialist has dismissed a report suggesting Intel could be supplying modems for it.

Ashraf Eassa – writing for The Motley Fool, which provides advice for investors – has referred to a recent report from tech news site Fudzilla that Intel would be providing the small handset’s cellular modem. He has then listed several reasons why this story could lack credibility…

These include that, for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple chose a Qualcomm MDM9625 baseband for the modem component – and this is “superior in many ways” to the alternative Intel XMM 7160, the download/upload speeds of which are “roughly comparable” to those of the Qualcomm solution.

Therefore, Eassa reckons Apple would “carry over the wireless solution present in the iPhone 6/6 Plus”. Nonetheless, Intel will report its latest quarterly financial results on Thursday – and, as the so-called “iPhone 5e” is said to currently be in mass-production at Foxconn, a reported major spike in Intel’s mobile-related revenue could leave the specialist’s expectations looking less realistic.

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