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Facebook Hires Yahoo’s Alex Stamos as Chief Security Officer

With its membership having just exceeded 1.44 billion users, the social networking website Facebook has opted to employ Alex Stamos as its new chief security officer. Stamos, who had worked as Yahoo’s chief information officer for over a year, has revealed that he will take up his new post on June 29.

In a post on – where else – Facebook yesterday, Stamos, 36, enthused about helping to maintain Facebook’s security as it endeavors to amass more users from developing countries. Facebook’s own initiative, which AppleMagazine has previously reported about, should assist in this mission, and Stamos described Facebook as relatively well-positioned to help “the remaining two-thirds of humanity we have yet to connect”.

Stamos declared that Facebook’s security team “has demonstrated a history of innovation as well as a unique willingness to share those innovations with the world”. Hinting at how he will conduct himself as the company’s chief security officer, he added that “we will build upon that history in the years to come”.

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