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Facebook Is Developing An App For Set-Top Boxes

Facebook is attempting to make their social network available on televisions and TV streaming devices. The company have also been in talks with different publishers to try and get TV-style shows developed and shown through the app. Facebook also mentioned that one of the platforms that they want this app to appear on is Apple TV.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Facebook is trying to tap into the television market and concentrate on making video a more prominent part of their social network. Video is widely used on Facebook at the moment, but the videos are typically short clips of videos, as well as experimental live streams.

Facebook’s vision is for TV-quality content, with scripted shows lasting around 10 minutes an episode and video news segments, which has led to bargaining with media companies to help create the content in exchange for a licensing fee.

The idea was pitched to several investors as a means of creating more opportunities for ads to make their way to the social network, citing that the current Facebook wall is running out of space to place new ads.

With this bold new ambition to take over TV, Facebook could become a much more video-focused network with its own original programming to rival that of Netflix or Amazon Prime.

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