Google launches new attack on Apple’s iMessage

Google has launched a fresh attack on Apple for its iMessage service.

On an Android microsite, Google launched a new ‘Get the Message’ campaign to encourage Apple to adopt Rich Communication Services instead of its proprietary iMessage.

Rich Communication Services is designed as a replacement for SMS, and allows users to send higher resolution photos and videos, audio messages, and other content. The new campaign highlights iOS and Android users’ frustration when texting and common issues such as low-quality photos, ‘green bubbles’ and the lack of encryption.

Google says that if Apple adopted RCS, it could “fix texting”.

As well as launching the campaign, Android has shared some information on how Rich Communication Services works and why it’s Apple that’s holding back the conversation, rather than Google. It’s a bold move designed to appeal to both Android and Apple users and, if it catches ion, could be the catalyst for Apple changing its messaging service.

“iPhones still rely on SMS and MMS for conversations with Android users, which is why your group chats feel so outdated,” a spokesperson for Android said.

“Think of it like this: If you have two groups of people who use different spoken languages, they can communicate effectively in their respective languages to other people who speak their language, but they can’t talk to each other.

“And when they try to talk to one another, they have to act out what they’re saying, as though they’re playing charades. Now think of RCS as a magic translator that helps multiple groups speak fluently — but every group has to use the translator, and if one doesn’t, they’re each going to need to use motions again.”

Last year, Google made the commitment to RCS, but Apple is yet to follow suit.

Do you think it’s time for Apple to change its mind? Let us know and check back soon for more.

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