iPhone 16 Sales Expected to Jump by 10M Units with New AI Features Apple anticipates a significant increase in iPhone 16 sales, driven by advanced artificial intelligence (AI) features, with expectations of an additional 10 million units sold compared to last year’s model.

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Apple is gearing up for a substantial boost in iPhone 16 sales over its predecessor.

A recent supply-chain report indicates that the company has increased its A-series chip order from TSMC by 10 million units.

Despite some claims, there hasn’t been a profound change in Apple’s chip strategy for this year’s iPhone models.

The Chinese website CTEE reports that Apple has instructed TSMC to prepare between 90 million and 100 million chips for the upcoming iPhone 16 lineup.

This order contrasts with last year’s range of 80 million to 90 million chips, reflecting Apple’s confidence in higher sales for the new models.

For the iPhone 15 series, Apple equipped the Pro models with the A17 Pro chip while the base and Plus models received the previous year’s A16 chip.

This year, however, all models will feature a chip labeled A18. Contrary to some beliefs, this does not signify a uniform chip for all models but rather a change in naming convention.

The base and Plus models will have an updated version of the A17 Pro, termed the A18, while the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max will debut with the new A18 Pro chip, which boasts significant AI and graphics enhancements.

The anticipated sales surge is largely attributed to the new AI capabilities featured in iOS 18, branded as Apple Intelligence.

Currently, only the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max support these advanced features, necessitating an upgrade for users with less powerful models if they wish to fully benefit from the new AI functionalities.

All four models of the iPhone 16 will support these AI capabilities, making a 10-million-unit increase in sales a plausible target.

Moreover, not all devices compatible with iOS 18 will support Apple Intelligence.

The following devices from the iPhone and iPad ranges are confirmed to support Apple Intelligence at launch:



These advancements underline Apple’s strategy to enhance user experience through AI, driving consumer interest and surely boosting sales for the iPhone 16.

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