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New Apple Park drone recaps progress made over the past year

Drone videographer Matthew Roberts has uploaded a new video demonstrating the progress that Apple Park has made over the past year. The video begins in June 2016 and progresses through to May 2017 when the last pieces of construction were being put into place.

Last month, the first employees began moving into the new headquarters situated in Cupertino, California. The donut-shaped building will house 13,000 employees, an underground auditorium, a fitness center, a café, a retail store and a visitor’s center. Roberts has separated the video to focus on all of these major features of the site.

It was former CEO Steve Jobs who pitched the idea for Apple Park to Cupertino City Council back in 2011 with a proposed completion date for 2015. Demolition on the site began in 2013 and delays meant that the date for completion would be pushed back to the following year, with the center eventually opening in the Spring of 2017. The site wasn’t officially given it’s name until February of this year.

The Steve Jobs theater is expected to open later on in the year and, as employees continue to move into the building, small landscaping projects continue to be worked on.

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