New Mac Models have been registered in Eurasia ahead of October event

Some Mac model numbers have shown up in the Eurasian Economic Commission this week and earlier this year that don’t have counterparts in Apple’s Mac line-up – exciting stuff that suggests that new models are coming!

Apple is supposed to be introducing new MacBook models on the 30th of October in New York City. The new models are rumoured to be more affordable and be a part of the 12-inch MacBook family. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us!

Previous models

Previous MacBooks have not been updated in a while. The Mac Mini has not been updated for 1,400 days and the Apple iMac range has not been updated in the last 505 days. Apple is definitely in need of some new models and we hope to see them in the coming week.

Some updates we look forward to seeing include the Face ID TrueDepth camera system, a USB-C port and a magnetic attachment to hold the popular Apple Pencil. Whatever the devices include, we are sure their designs and features will be updated and worth switching to!

Are you looking forward to the new models?

Apple usually livestream their events, so make sure you tune in on 30th October at 10am Eastern Time to check out the new releases!

We’re excited to see what Apple is up to lately! If you have any thoughts about the event or new models, share them in the comments below.

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