Redesigned MacBook Pro: 5 things we’d love to see

2020 might not have been the best year for the global economy, but Mac users have enjoyed surprise after surprise, following the announcement of Apple Silicon, the launch of macOS 11 Big Sur, and the breathtaking performance of M1 chips.

Although Apple’s 2020 MacBooks and Mac minis take us one step closer to the “dream Mac,” they sported the same form factor as their predecessors, but analysts have promised big changes in 2021. Below, we have rounded up things we’d love to see included in the new machines when they launch.


Larger screen real estate

Apple managed to reduce the size of the bezels when it transitioned from the 15-inch MacBook Pro to a larger 16-inch model, and we’d love to see that trend continue in 2021 with reduced bezels.

Take a leaf out of the iPhone 12’s book with an industrial-style design that puts the content front and center, and make an edge-to-edge display MacBook a reality.


Improved FaceTime webcam

Apple says that technology inside of its M1 chips makes the camera on the new MacBook Air, Pro, and mini better, but they’re still stuck at 720p. In 2021, we’d love to see Apple take its professional customers seriously and introduce a higher-spec camera that competes with the iPhone’s front-facing camera. In today’s socially distanced world, there’s no reason why we should not have cutting-edge technology on our cameras, helping us get closer to our loved ones and take advantage of other iOS-related tech like machine learning and facial recognition. Whilst they’re at it, why not go the whole hog and introduce Face ID to the Mac?


Choice between Touch Bar and function keys

The Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro is still one of the most controversial design changes Apple has ever made, and we think consumers should be given the choice between the two. If you’re a true professional, you really don’t need an emoji picker in lieu of function keys.


More ports

Give us more ports! We’re fine making the transition to USB-C, but at least give users more of them so they can charge their devices and connect as many peripherals as they want to.


The return of MagSafe

Apple managed to bring MagSafe to the iPhone, so why not bring it back to the Mac? It’s a shame that we lost one of the most innovative and useful features on the MacBook Air and Pro with its last redesign. Sure, USB-C is more convenient to charge with, but surely now is the ideal time to bring it back and make life easier for us all!?


Do you agree with our wishlist? Let us know and check back soon for more Apple news.

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