The Hills are Alive with I Love Mountains! for iPad

Forest Giant’s Interactive Storybook Allows Children of All Ages to Explore and Learn About Mountains

Louisville, KY, March 19, 2013 – Whether dreaming about climbing Mt. Everest or The Rocky Mountains, or simply looking in awe at the panoramic peaks that surround us, mountains have long captivated children around the world. To help bring the majesty of the mountains to the iPad, children are invited to join Sloan Graham as she stars in her first interactive storybook, I Love Mountains!, from Forest Giant, a leading iOS and Android developer.

I Love Mountains! is a fun and educational story where readers can explore and learn how mountains are formed, where some of the most impressive mountains in the world (and solar system) are located and the animals and foods most commonly found on mountains. Featuring 19 interactive pages, I Love Mountains! includes impressive art, a compelling storyline, a wealth of knowledge about mountains and three mini-games.

I Love Mountains! is available for free on the App Store.

The story and animation behind I Love Mountains! was created by Amanda Bishop. She received her Masters in Children’s’ Book Illustration at Anglia Ruskin University, formally the Cambridge School of Art. This educational foundation coupled with her love of the outdoors, inspired the tale of Sloan Graham. Sloan, the main character of I Love Mountains!, is a lovable, mountain-enthusiast who leads readers on a journey around the World.

“Many of us at Forest Giant have children in our own lives, and have noticed that the iOS library is limited in its number of quality, educational and engaging experiences for children,” said Dave Durand, president of Forest Giant. “We’ve realized the educational and entertainment potential of digital publishing, and we are proud to work with Amanda Bishop to bring I Love Mountains! to the iPad.”

Brought to life with endearing animation and playful interaction, I Love Mountains! tells an engaging story of how mountains are created, where they are found, and also highlights native flora and fauna. Using a combination of collage, illustration and digital drawings to put the characters and mountain scenes together, I Love Mountains! is a full-featured application for kids to interact with, learn about and explore our planet’s amazing mountains.

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