USMobile Launches Scrambl3 App for Enterprise-Grade Security

USMobile Launches Scrambl3 App for Enterprise-Grade Security

Apple’s ongoing tussle with the FBI has brought the issues of privacy and security to greater public attention. Now, USMobile has launched Scrambl3, an iOS app enabling high-value targets of hackers and corporate espionage to make calls and send messages with enterprise-grade security.

Such targets include business executives of publicly traded companies, politicians, lawyers and law enforcement – all of which can now benefit from technology also used by the US Department of Defense for its Top Secret classified mobile communication.

In a press release, USMobile CEO Jon Hanour says that consumer-grade calling and messaging mobile apps from Skype, WhatsApp and others are insufficiently secure against “hackers seeking high-value information”. He calls Scrambl3, which uses a “Dark Internet Tunnel” Virtual Private Network to cloak communication from the view of hackers, “the first enterprise-grade mobile security app”.

Scrambl3 is now available for iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 9.2 or higher. For using the app, there is a 30-day free trial, which requires only an email address and not credit card information. Following the trial, users can sign up for a membership subscription at $10 per month.

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