Why is now the time to create a business app for iOS

2020 has been anything but normal from nearly every perspective imaginable. Due in large part to the global health situation, many businesses have struggled to make ends meet. While this may seem slightly discouraging at first glance, it is also important to realize that the digital community has grown massively as a result of the current state of affairs. Businesses that are able to appreciate this change should perform well once things revert back to the “new normal”. One of the ways in which firms have begun to capitalize upon this digital transformation involves their ability to create dedicated iOS applications. Why is now an excellent time to implement such a strategy and what long-term benefits can your enterprise expect to enjoy?

Statistics do not lie

Thanks to recent economic restrictions, the number of downloaded mobile applications has increased by a massive 40 percent when compared to 2019. It is therefore clear that we are in the midst of a booming marketplace. A growing number of consumers are understandably keen to leverage the power of these clever programs in order to perform many of the same actions associated with previous brick-and-mortar sales. Businesses should therefore make it a point to provide such options in order to maintain a robust client base.

All about brand recognition

Success within the digital community is heavily connected to the amount of exposure that a business receives. While we are all aware that standalone websites represent the cornerstones of many ventures, it is still a fact that a growing number of users are accessing these services via a mobile device. A dedicated application is able to provide a greater degree of functionality and thanks to their streamlined designs, a purchase can be made with only a handful of clicks. This will help to increase conversion rates and perhaps more importantly, a cleverly branded app is an excellent way to strengthen brand recognition. Cutting-edge e-commerce providers such as shopifyplus.com have been aware of this trend for years. The average business owner is likewise appreciating the benefits that such publicity has to offer.

Creating a firm digital footprint

We should also point out that the presence of an iOS application will help to augment existing SEO strategies. This is primarily due to the presence of quality backlinks to the app’s microsite; resulting in an increased level of online visibility. Businesses can therefore rank higher within the search engine results page (SERP) and ultimately, their websites will enjoy impressive levels of inbound traffic.

The majority of industry analysts agree that countless businesses will benefit from implementing mobile applications within their ongoing sales and advertising campaigns. While creating these services may require a certain level of financial commitment, the resulting return on investment cannot be denied. The digital retail community will continue to flourish and if current trends continue, firms that are able to adopt such measures should perform exceedingly well. When these applications are then used alongside a quality e-commerce solution, success will be only a click away.


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