Apple Acquires Mira, AR Headset Firm Noted for its Contribution to Mario Kart Ride

Mario Kart Ride

Following the debut of its Vision Pro headset, Apple has reportedly acquired Mira, an AR headset startup recognized for providing headsets used in Mario Kart rides at Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios’ Japan and Hollywood theme parks.

According to The Verge, Mira CEO Ben Taft posted a private photo on Instagram showcasing several Apple employee badges, with a caption expressing excitement about Mira’s next chapter at Apple. The report states that no less than 11 Mira employees have joined Apple’s team. Apple, in its usual manner, subtly confirmed the acquisition by stating, “we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.”

Mira has not only collaborated on the Mario Kart ride, but also engaged in military contracts and advocated its headsets’ usage in industrial and mining environments. However, it remains uncertain whether all of these projects will be maintained under Apple’s ownership.

While Apple has already established substantial expertise in augmented and virtual reality, the exact reason for acquiring Mira is not entirely clear. It could potentially be to further strengthen its team or for intellectual property rights.

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