Apple and ‘Mixed Reality’ Find out about the VR and AR technology Apple is developing.

VR: Virtual Reality

Apple has been rumored to be working on a new mixed reality headset; however, it has not been officially announced yet. Tim Cook has mentioned Apple’s desire to break into the augmented and virtual reality space as he believes the technology is “critically important.” There is some important information with regard to the new technology Apple is developing, including updates, release dates, and potential pricing. Read on for the details of all these points.

Latest updates about the Apple VR/AR headset

There have been some rumors about the potential name for the new Apple headset that is capable of both virtual and augmented reality. Two of the names floating around at the moment are “Reality Pro” and “Reality One.” It should be emphasized that these are just rumors, and Apple hasn’t released an official statement to support whether these claims are true.

Ming-Chi Kuo is an analyst who is a reliable source of information about everything to do with Apple and has stated that those looking to pick up the new headset at a lower price might have to wait a few years for the price to come down. He estimated that it could cost between $2000 and $2500. 

Moving onto the power of the new Apple headset, it is being said that it will contain Apple’s latest M2 chip. This means that you can expect the new technology to be able to handle big games quite well while performing optimally. There is also some speculation on what else you might be able to use alongside the headset to enhance your experience. The first rumor is that Apple will release gloves that will allow you to control things with your hands while using the headset. The second rumor is that the Apple watch will be compatible with the headset and will be able to detect movements in your hand while being on your wrist.

Apple headset rumors | AR: Augmented Reality | VR: Virtual Reality

Release date speculation

The date this new Apple headset might be released is not yet known. There are, however, a lot of dates floating around, with the most reliable sources suggesting sometime in January 2023. Following the release of the first model of the headset, there is also a subsequent pro version that will be released two years later, in 2025. Alongside these two models, there may be a cheaper option released at some time between these two headsets so that it is available to more people with a smaller budget.

Part of the reason that people think there will be more than one model released in the years to come is due to the number of names for the headsets floating around, including the Reality Pro, Reality One, and Reality Processor. These are just speculations, and we will have to wait until Apple makes an announcement to know what’s really in store for us.

Apple Headset rumors | VR: Virtual Reality

Apple VR/AR headset vs Apple Glass

Apple Glass is an augmented reality technology that Apple has been working on for many years. On the other hand, the Apple VR/AR headset is considered a predecessor to the Apple Glass. The main difference between the Apple Headset VR/AR headset and Apple Glass is that the headset will be capable of both virtual and augmented reality functions. In contrast, Apple Glass uses augmented reality technology only. 

It is thought that the headset will be used for short-term things like playing games, watching movies, and communicating with others. The Apple Glass will be usable like a regular pair of glasses, assisting you through your daily life through augmented reality technology. There is a difference when comparing the Apple headset to other headsets like it on the market. The main one is that the Apple VR/AR headset will have a glass panel which will allow for both augmented reality experiences as well as virtual reality experiences. Headsets on the market today are only capable of creating a virtual reality experience, such as the Oculus Quest 2.

Oculus Quest | VR: Virtual Reality

Price Rumors

There are several different price points rumored with respect to Apple’s new VR/AR headset. Some suggest that the innovative headset could set you back up to $3000. This is relatively expensive compared to similar headsets on the market; however, it is Apple and appears to be offering a unique experience. The most reliable price for the new Apple headset seems to be somewhere between $2000 and $2500, which came from a reputable analyst who has connections to Apple. Whatever the price is, you can be guaranteed that you will be paying for the quality of the product.

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