Apple Watch Hermès Bands to be Sold Separately in New Colors

Four new colors have been added to the range of Hermès bands available for the Apple Watch. These new bands will be released on April 19, when it will also become possible to purchase any color Hermès band separately, rather than as part of a complete watch-and-band set.

Apple’s public collaboration with the French fashion house Hermès dates back to September, when the first Apple Watch models designed by the label were announced. As explained by MacRumors, to go with the existing color choices of Fauve (deep brown), Etain, Capucine and Bleu Jean, the new colors of sapphire blue, peacock blue, white and orange will soon be added as options.

Furthermore, all of these colors will be available for individual purchase – ideal for existing Apple Watch owners who have been enticed by the Hermès selection, but unwilling to shell out for a whole new watch. Nonetheless, at least to begin with, availability will vary with model size. The complete list of Apple Watch Hermès bands set for release on April 19 has been posted by A Blog to Watch.

From that day, the bands should be on sale at Apple Stores and Hermès outlets. Single Tour bands will be priced at $340, Double Tour at $490 and the Cuff at $690.

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