Google Brings YouTube Back to iOS

A lot of people were pretty devastated when Apple announced that it was going to get rid of its native YouTube application, claiming that it was an unnecessary integration. So because of this, all users will be losing their coveted YouTube application when Apple unveils its shiny new iOS 6 later this year.

Well, at least that used to be the case, until Google decided it wanted to play white knight and save the day. The company, of search engine fame, has decided to revamp the already popular YouTube application and release it to the app store so that users can download it and integrate it into their iOS 6. This new app will still be free, but will come  packaged with some unique “Google-based” upgrades and intricacies.

For one, the new app boasts a much more streamlined and modernized interface. Everything is done via a slick side bar. You’ll be able to log into your account this way, as well as view subscriptions, pending uploads, and other useful statistical data. You can even shoot a video right from your iDevice and then immediately upload it to YouTube via the application’s streamlined upload service.

If you’re a viewer, rather than a poster, no worries. You’ll still get a couple unique upgrades. Besides the new interface, you’ll be able to search for a variety of videos via a nice and neat category section. Or if you’re looking for something really specific, you can make use of the integrated search bar. Your search times will even be faster too, thanks to an auto-complete function and full “voice search” integration.

Many analysts are suggesting that this is a serious “power move” by Google to corner the YouTube market. And with Apple’s September press release happening tomorrow, it’s obvious that developers are expecting to see a release or at least some news regarding the shift to iOS 6. At least no one will be “missing” their YouTube application, thanks to the dedicated workers at Google.

You can grab the Google YouTube app from the Apple App Store right now for free.

About the Author

Ivan Castilho is a citizen of the world; CEO at Mindfield Digital and Executive Director at AppleMagazine, and Techlife News. Ivan's been an avid Apple user and consumer since 2008, with a major in Marketing and extensive experience in strategic management and consulting for tech companies. Hobbies include photography, design, and music.