Hackers Hit Sony PlayStation Network

Sony PlayStation

Sony have been hit by yet another cyber-attack with gamers being unable to access their online PlayStation store. The news comes a week after their cinema arm was affected by a number of film leaks. A hacker group has already claimed responsibility for the new attack. Visitors attempting to visit the site on Monday were met with a message reading “Page Not Found! It’s not you. It’s the internet’s fault”.

The group, who are calling themselves “Lizard Squad” took to Twitter to announce responsibility for the attack, posting the status “PSN Login #offline #LizardSquad”. Sony have said that they are aware of the attack and are trying to resolve the problems. Sony were celebrating the 20th anniversary of the PlayStation just last week. Microsoft’s similar Xbox network was also down last week, with Lizard Squad again claiming responsibility. The network was hit with a DDOS – also known as Distributed Denial of Service attack, overloading the system and preventing users from getting online.

Lizard Group have described the Xbox attack as a “small dose” of what they have planned over Christmas. It has a Russian-based website and has also claimed responsibility for attacks on EA Games and Destiny.

Have you been trying to gain access to the PlayStation network? Are you worried about further cyber-attacks? Tell us below.

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