Intelligent Living Inc. Plans Launch of First Four Wellness Apps

Intelligent Living’s First Step Into the $5 Billion Mobile Health (mHeath) Market. Intelligent Living Inc. (OTCQB: ILIV) today reported that it has begun the development of its first four mHealth apps on their website. The four titles will become available in the Google Play and iTunes app stores before the end of the year.
Josh Eikov, CSO of Intelligent Living, said “The global mHealth market is primarily driven by factors such as the increasing adoption of smartphones and rising incidences of chronic diseases. The development in smartphone applications has created new and interactive ways of communication between patients and healthcare providers. Use of smartphone applications is expected to revolutionize the mHealth market by improving healthcare delivery and dissemination of medical information. Intelligent Living is very committed to the creation of apps for everyday and special need wellness situations.”

The first four apps can be found on the Intelligent Living website under the Services/Mobile option on the home page:

Track My Running Track My Running(TM) is the Smartphone application that allows anyone to keep track of the exact whereabouts of their friends, family, or fellow runners at all times — even if they aren’t physically with them. Now parents can rest assured that their children are out running within safe, predetermined areas. Store your running progress in an excel compatible spreadsheet that is easily shared or available to track your progress and keep track of your miles when training or preparing for a Marathon.

Step-O-Meter The Steps-O-Meter(TM) official pedometer provides a convenient and reliable way for users to track the distances that they walk, run or jog, and in this way encourages more frequent exercise and cardiovascular activity, as a counter balance to our eating and, more generally, as a way to improve overall health. Indeed, in studies involving dieting — with and without exercise — doctors, and weight loss experts nearly all agree that getting moving with an exercise routine or regimen has health benefits over and above simply weight control or weight loss.

Quit Smoking Now! Have trouble quitting a bad habit? The Quit Smoking Now(TM) smartphone app sends you or your loved ones encouraging messages to help you get through this tough time. Keep a log of your smoking habits to track progress, and customize the frequency and content of messages. Don’t let your decision affect your everyday life. You can do it! You can quit smoking.

apPillbox XL The Digital Pillbox app, apPillbox XL(TM), reminds, tracks, and notifies users and their care providers regarding medicine, vitamin, and supplement consumption. apPillbox XL maintains a schedule of medicines, vitamins, supplements and other critically timed consumables, while storing a record of past, successful consumption and, perhaps most importantly, keeping users on track to satisfy their medicinal regimens through an alarm notification system that makes the user aware, and helps them complete, their scheduled notification task. In addition, the user’s care provider can be notified once daily — or for that matter as often as directed by the user and the care provider — via electronic mail with an electronic spreadsheet showing medicines taken, and the provider can save this important information for future reference and/or for sharing or export in connection with ongoing care and evaluation of the user’s health situation.

Intelligent Living Inc./Marketwire

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