Jony Ive discusses the iPhone X and Apple Park in new interview

Apple’s Design Chief Jony Ive has sat down for an interview with the Smithsonian Magazine to discuss the recent release of the iPhone X and his work on Apple’s new campus, Apple Park.

Once again, Ive discussed his excitement about the design space at the new campus as it allows industrial designers, font experts, motion graphic experts and computer interface designers to work together in one space to interact and share ideas. Within this space are several milling machines that allow designers to create prototypes, something Ive believes is an integral part of the design process.

“I think you only really understand a material–its properties and attributes and, importantly, the opportunity the material allows–if you actually work it yourself,” Ive says. “And the most remarkable point in the whole process is when you make the first model. We might like it, we might not, but the first model you make, everything changes.”

On the subject of the iPhone X, Ive did not shy away from critiquing older models, explaining of the iPhone 7 Plus that “It now seems to me a rather disconnected component housed in an enclosure.” 

As well as his interview with the Smithsonian, Ive attended a one-hour discussion at the Hirshorn Museum in Washington, D.C. where he spoke about the future of design. He is an honoree of the Smithsonian’s American Ingenuity Awards which is designed to honor revolutionary breakthroughs in the arts, science, education, and social progress.

You can read the whole interview with Ive here on the Smithsonian website.

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