Nintendo NX Production Reportedly Delayed to Add VR Support

A fresh report from the Taiwan-based DigiTimes claims that Nintendo has postponed manufacturing of its upcoming NX console to make time for enhancing it with VR gaming functionality.

While the console was originally set to enter mass production in mid-2016, this has since been put back to early 2017, DigiTimes explains. The outlet cites “sources from the related upstream supply chain” in claiming that Nintendo made this change to help the NX to better compete with rival gaming formats.

The legendary Japanese games maker was also intent on furthering the NX’s “video-game/handheld-game-integrated gaming experience”. Apparently, while the NX will come with a 5- to 7-inch display, controller and joystick for mobile gaming, it will also be connectable to a TV for home gaming.

While Nintendo’s integrating of VR could be something of a “me too” move following the excitement surrounding the soon-to-launch PlayStation VR, here’s hoping that Nintendo’s efforts will go down better than its ineffective VR venture in the 1990s, the Virtual Boy.

That headset, pictured above, was released in summer 1995 but sold only 350,000 units by the following December – leading it to become one of Nintendo’s best known flops.

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