REVIEW: Little Boots – Working Girl: The Remixes Part 2

Despite our love for Working Girl, the synthpop album released by Little Boots in the summer, we were actually slightly disappointed by the follow-up of remixes, as we made clear in our review earlier this week. However, this second round of reworkings makes amends, hitting the spot in ways that Part 1 didn’t. Thank you so much, Ms Victoria Hesketh…

That is, we should point out for those who are not as familiar with her work as they should be, the real name of Little Boots. However, strictly-speaking, these new remixes were put together not by her, but instead Todd Terry, Toyboy & Robin, Psychemagik and Rory Phillips, who have collectively done a great job of serving an even stronger dose of the masculine energy that characterized the main album. (On the subject of which, there’s a new ‘mini doc’ about the making of it – have a watch below.)

Though the – admittedly great – ’90s dance throwback “No Pressure” has again inspired most of the remixes, we were delighted to see the boisterously fun “Get Things Done” on the tracklist even before we had started listening to its two new mixes. We especially like the Rory Phillips treatment, which – in-keeping with the set as a whole – is better for not overly experimenting with the original song’s feel. To use Little Boots’ own corporate talk: we are proud to reward all of you with well-earned promotions.

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