The Minions are Taking Over Britain… and AppleMagazine!

Gru was supposed to be the big super-villain in the Despicable Me movies, but it’s actually his little yellow servants, the minions, who are well on the way to taking over the world. They are already taking over Britain; one of them even becomes that country’s king in their new film, Minions, which has proved a big hit at the UK box office. And now they also have the US in their sights!

The movie takes place in 1968, more than three decades before the minions meet Gru, and sees the gibberish-spouting yellow people become the henchmen of Scarlet Overkill, a female super-villain who is voiced by Sandra Bullock and wants the minions to do some crown-stealing for her. However, as you can see by watching the trailer below, the minions’ mischievous ways prevent things from going entirely to plan.

The London setting of the film provides for plenty of Brit-centric jokes, and this has likely helped Minions on its way to amassing £20.97m after ten days of screening in the UK.

The minion mayhem has even reached AppleMagazine; the next issue of the magazine, which will be available for reading on iOS devices from tomorrow, includes a lengthy feature article which focuses on various exciting aspects of the movie. You can get the issue by subscribing now – or, if you are Gru, getting the minions to do it for you!

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