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AirPods 3: When will Apple announce an upgrade?

New AirPods could be coming soon...

Apple only released the AirPods 2 in March of this year, but the company is widely rumored to be preparing a third-generation product for launch before the holiday season.

Today, we take a closer look at some of the rumored new features coming to the AirPods…

What’s new?

Apple upgraded the AirPods in March 2019, introducing wireless charging, Hey Siri and improved connection speeds and talk time compared with the first generation, but some criticized the company for not improving the audio quality of the earphones at the same time.

The fact Apple called them AirPods, rather than AirPods 2, could even be taken as a suggestion that the company knew it wasn’t a full AirPods upgrade, encouraging some of its power users to hold off on upgrading for something bigger, like the AirPods 3.

What we do know for certain is that the AirPods 3 are expected to introduce a new “anti-slip” design featuring all-new material, as well as noise cancellation for the first time, which would bring them in line with other high-end wireless earphones sold at similar price tags.

What’s particularly exciting about the AirPods 3 is that they’re rumored to be water-resistant, so we’d be able to wear them when we’re out for a jog in the rain or even when swimming, though some users complain that their AirPods fall out, so we’d steer clear of the pool!

The AirPods 3 range is also expected to be more expensive than the previous generations, with an estimated price tag of around $229, compared with the $169 and $199 for the standard and wireless charging AirPods, respectively.

When are they coming?

Many had predicted that Apple would announce the AirPods 3 at its September event, where it unveiled the iPhone 11, but that didn’t happen.

The company is likely to hold another presentation in October to show off new MacBooks, iMacs, and Mac minis, and so we could see the AirPods 3 be announced there – or even online via its store without much fanfare.

Unfortunately, though, all signs are beginning to point at an early 2020 release, which would cushion the blow to those who’ve only just upgraded to the second-generation model.

Earlier this week, leaks emerged of the new AirPods with a smaller charging case and a new design, so if the company wants to get them ready before Christmas, it doesn’t have long to get them ready!

Are you excited for the AirPods 3? Let us know on Twitter and check back soon for more.

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