Popular Student Aid STUDYBLUE Hits the iPad HD

More and more students are making use of popular iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad to help them enhance their studying capabilities. In fact, ever since developers realized how mobile and easy to use iOS was for the traditional student they helped to create the ever popular iTunes U section of the App Store.

This has helped students to secure books and study materials that would otherwise cost them a fortune, and they can also “interact” with these materials wherever they may be thanks to the portability that Apple devices boast. But even with all of those books and materials, some students could still use a friendly little push in the right direction.

That’s where STUDYBLUE Flashcards came in back in 2009 when it was released for use on the iPhone. The specialized application/tool was developed to help students gather notes, create reminders, and enhance their cognitive skills. It was met with a lot of praise, and has helped students for the past 3 years to get better test scores and to make studying easier and more streamlined.

The only downside? The fact that the program has been exclusive to the iPhone and iPod, making it a very small-screened affair. And although its been incredibly helpful in the learning process, a lot of school-bound individuals have been clambering for a “bigger and better” version.

Well, how much “bigger and better” does it get than the iPad HD? The developers of the program seemed to have a similar ideal, as they have since released a version that runs exclusively with Apple’s newest tablet. The iPad HD version of STUDYBLUE Flashcards (as quoted directly from AppAdvice.com) include the following;

  • MAKE FLASHCARDS. Use text, pictures, and audio to create flashcards right on your iPhone or iPad.
  • STUDY STATS. Focus on toughest materials, go hard on “the wrongs”, and take pride in your progress.
  • SEARCH. Find online flashcards and notes from millions of classmate-created materials.
  • REMINDERS. Alerts put an end to forgetting about those 67 biology terms you have to study.
  • STUDY SAVER. Had to bail on a study session? Pick it back up where you left off.
  • MESSAGES. Contact classmates to ask questions or collaborate.

If you’re interested in getting your study on, then make sure to grab the basic version of the STUDYBLUE application for free from the app store. If you want the upgraded version, that gives you access to a variety of advanced features, then you’re going to have to “subscribe” to the service. These fees are approximately 10 USD per month, or 80 USD per year.

Photo Credit: AppAdvice.Com

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