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Possible Gesture and Folder Changes in iOS 7

Apple is never one to tip their hat before the right time. When they announced the new iOS mobile device operating system last week and said it would be ready in the fall, we knew that meant they were still tinkering with it, despite delivering a beta version to developers.

Hamza Sood is showing on Twitter that there are hidden settings inside iOS 7 that reveal that Apple is testing other possible changes that weren’t mentioned at the WWDC. Want more gestures or do you have enough? Apparently Apple is trying to figure that out. They’re also tinkering with multitasking and folder options.

Those of you with the beta version of iOS 7 don’t fret that you haven’t found it yet. It took Hamza Sood some unrevealed tweaking of the beta to find it. A posted video shows Apple is considering edge-swipe and corner-swipe gestures across the board to go along with the edge-swipe gesture they added to Messages and Safari. It would add up to a faster switching of apps. They’re also testing an option to allow you to hide default apps, create a folder within a folder, and optional tweaks for photo and video editing.

This all means iOS 7 may not be complete yet. They might not be just fixing bugs and could be considering adding even more options. Or these could be future features of iOS 8. If you want to know more about iOS 7, download this week’s issue of the AppleMagazine digital magazine that will hit the digital newsstands this Friday.

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