Spectre and PlayStation Success Drive Big Sony Profits Rise

Sony has reported its financial results for the October to December 2015 quarter, beating analyst estimates with an operating profit of $1.68b. This indicates a year-on-year increase of 11%, and was largely driven by successful ventures including its PlayStation division and Bond film Spectre.

Deadline reports that the gaming business amassed a net income of $1b, while the 24th James Bond movie, which started screening in the franchise’s native British market in late October before further global expansion, has brought an international gross of $877.5m.

Spectre also happens to be one of the movies under the spotlight in the new issue of AppleMagazine released today and available by subscription. The film, starring long-running Bond lead Daniel Craig alongside Léa Seydoux, Monica Bellucci and Christoph Waltz, is now available for download on iTunes.

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